All ELO students must take the ELO Prep class or have the recommendation of three teachers regarding their ability to work independently.

ELO (Prep) is the designation for ELOs done during scheduled time with more guidance, these lead into either ELO (Level 2) or ELO (Level 1). ELO (Level 2) is not in the student’s schedule and the only assistance/guidance they can count on is bi-weekly ELO Coordinator Check-ins, weekly 15 minute meetings with Cooperating teachers, and anything they may have set up with a Community Mentor. ELO (Level 1) is in the student’s schedule, for the Quarter following ELO (Prep) and gives students more guidance and work time in school to complete their ELO. ELO (Community Based Learning) is put in the student’s schedule, but they do not spend that time in the classroom. Instead they “co-op” out somewhere, doing a shadow at a job site. Students must be 16 or older and have participated in PACE, ELO (Prep), or Cold Hollow Career Center before being eligible for ELO (Community Based Learning).

Seniors looking to do more extended time ELOs in which they leave the building to intern or work, must complete the Senior Project Prep unit in either Senior Seminar or English for Tech Careers or independently if they would like to use open time in their schedule to leave the building.

If a student wishes to do a “Mini-ELO” to refine a indicator skill or two over a shorter period of time, they must bring their idea, including the indicators they want to address to the content teacher they’d like to have as their Cooperating Teacher. If the CT signs off then the student may bring their mini-ELO to the ELO Coordinator for finalization.