Community Mentor

The Community Mentor is the overseeing on-site adult who supervises and provides mentoring to students engaged in ELOs. This individual takes responsibility for monitoring the student’s activities and learning at the site as well as maintaining their safety. The Community Mentor works with the student to help them achieve the outlined academic and personal learning goals in the student’s ELO plan. Through regular contact, the Community Mentor answers student’s questions, encourages student’s learning through the inquiry process and guided exploration, shares in the student’s reflection of their learning, and assists the student in the development of their ELO project. The Community Mentor will be asked to assist in the evaluation of student engagement and professional skill development while on site. This evaluation will be done informally through written and oral communication with the ELO Coordinator as well as a formal evaluation to occur twice during the duration of the ELO. Community Mentors are encouraged to attend students’ final ELO panel presentations.

The responsibilities of the Community Partner/Mentor are:

  • Provide and maintain a safe environment for the student.
  • Keep and be able to locate location a copy of district insurance binder, DOL approval form, made available from ELO Coordinator.
  • Provide orientation to their site policies and procedures related to the ELO plan.
  • Provide supervision and training as appropriate to ELO plan.
  • Engage in regular dialogue with student’s ELO supervising teacher and/or ELO Coordinator regarding progress.
  • Review student’s reflections as appropriate and offer comments, ask questions, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Communicate any issues and/or concerns (student, site, or program) in a timely manner to ELO Coordinator.
  • Report absence and tardiness in a timely manner to ELO Coordinator.
  • Provide guidance and direction to the student in creating his/her product/project.
  • Participate in midpoint and final assessment of student work.
  • Attend final ELO presentation.
  • Complete midpoint and final evaluation forms and survey upon completion of ELO.
  • Participate in exit interview as needed.

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