Cooperating Teacher

The Cooperating Teacher(s) may work with the student to determine the indicators for the ELO experience. The may also help the student develop a plan for how learning will be recorded and demonstrated. At a minimum, the Cooperating Teacher decides what level of proficiency has been demonstrated in each Content Standard (on a 0-4 scale) and is responsible for entering the final scores for the Content Standards into PowerSchool at the end of ELO. The Cooperating Teacher(s) may have a mentoring role also, checking in with the student to review formative assessment activities such as research and reflection, encouraging and praising success, and/or benchmarking what has been accomplished and what has yet to be learned. In some cases, the Cooperating Teacher(s) may share the mentoring role with another educator, a Community Mentor, or an ELO Coordinator.

The responsibilities of the Cooperating Teacher(s) are:

  • If ¬†necessary, collaborate with student and ELO Coordinator to identify standards as well as brainstorm potential opportunities for the student to develop evidence;
  • Be available to students during the ELO to provide guidance, support, academic assistance, and answer questions pertaining to the ELO;
  • Meet with students regularly if necessary throughout the ELO to assess student progress;
  • If necessary, collaborate with parents/guardians as partners in the ELO process;
  • Keep track of meetings and student work submitted;
  • Notify the ELO Coordinator in the event that the student is not completing or submitting learning activities;
  • Notify the ELO Coordinator and parent/guardian of concerns, so that any issues may be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Complete midpoint and final evaluation forms.

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