ELL Educator

As with the Special Education Case Manager, the ELL Educator is the school representative who is most familiar with compliance requirements and best practices in teaching English Language Learners. They are knowledgeable of the ELL student’s skills, abilities, and needs. The ELL Educator is best able to provide insight into the student’s cultural background and how this might need to be addressed as well as considerations that may need to be made. In addition, they are able to make suggestions on how to best support the student’s language needs through recommended modification and/or accommodations to ensure language barriers are not a hindrance to the success of the ELO.

The ELL Educator will:

  •  Serve as the communication link between the students and their families regarding the entire ELO from beginning to end;
  • Clarify information to students to ensure they understand the information;
  • Interpret the expectations of the ELO in the native language whenever possible
  • Hire an interpreter for students and/or parents as needed to ensure understanding of ELO Program and program documents or work collaboratively with the ELO Coordinator to create informational materials and program forms in students’ native languages;
  • Highlight the areas of importance on the ELO where parents/guardians need to sign and give consent.