ELO Coordinator

This individual is responsible for all aspects of the ELO Program and all individual ELOs. They work with the ELO Team to develop and execute ELOs, develop working relationships, and act as the liaison between Community Mentors and the school, the student and Community Mentor, and parents/guardians and the ELO Team.

The responsibilities of the ELO Coordinator are:

  • Facilitate the ELO application with input and feedback from the student, Cooperating Teacher(s), and Community Partner/Mentor.
  • Contract with the appropriate certified teachers as needed for assistance in planning and assessment of ELOs.
  • Be available to provide guidance, support, academic assistance, and answer questions for all ELO students.
  • Keep track of student and ELO Team meetings and student work submitted.
  • Provide ELO forms, orientation, training, and expectations to the Community Mentor and site as necessary. Forms will include district insurance binders, copies of proficiencies, and any required supporting ELO documents.
  • Serve as a liaison to the site with the Cooperating Teacher(s) and be available to address concerns as they arise.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with Community Mentor and student to ensure ELO is going as planned.
  • Notify Community Mentor of any concerns or unforeseen events that may affect the scheduling and/or completion of ELO (snow days).
  • Host public presentations of ELOs as part of the final assessment process.
  • Evaluate student’s ELO specific work, provide guidance on evidence development, attend the final presentation, and sign off on the achieved proficiency.
  • In the event that the ELO is not completed, organize exit interviews with Community Mentor, Cooperating Teacher(s), and, if applicable, the Special Education Case Manager.