Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are designed to provide all students with a non-traditional educational experience that is both interest-based and rigorous. They are planned in order to allow students to explore educational opportunities that are personally relevant to them, while also addressing appropriate skills for life during and after school.

ELOs are primarily designed by the student around their personal passions. This increases the student’s interest and investment in the learning. This personal interest is directly tied to a specific set of Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements so that the student earns credit towards high school graduation while pursuing their passion. Benefits of an ELO include credit toward graduation, enhanced resume, exploration of career options, specific workplace skills, increased motivation, and self-confidence.

ELOs are intentionally designed to be a challenge. “Credit” is only awarded when a student shows mastery of Proficiencies linked to student interest, which meet the expectations of the Cooperating Teacher, Community Mentor, and ELO Coordinator. All ELOs, no matter the content area, also address four Transferable Skills Proficiencies in Self- Direction, Communication, Collaboration, and Citizenship. A strong work ethic and time management skills are needed in order to successfully complete an ELO.

ELOs also give students opportunities to develop educational relationships with a support system of experts who want them to succeed, including a community member/mentor, a cooperating teacher, and the ELO Coordinator.

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